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And that’s what goes on in my head while I’m listening to Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know? on repeat at work :)

…and I held her hand -

          I felt her fear,

          I had her near,

          She shed a tear

And I…   

         Tore her soul right out,

         Made her sing aloud;

And I…

         had her hand in mine,

         And I gave her time

         When there was none;

And now her hand

Is all on its own

Every waking dawn

Cos I took her soul

Right out

For fun…

            Now she’s on her own

            And she’s not the same

            In all but her name -

           She is someone new,

           Now she wants you!

“It is funny how you do not miss affection until it is given, but once it is, it can never be enough; you would drown in it if possible.”
— Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing

… and drown is all you want to do, all you think about - at night and through the day; what a weird obsession - you have not yet found yourself and you wish to get lost in somebody else..

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